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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Monday, June 17, 2013

Platform Change and Revision to Queue Trees

A few weeks ago, I moved my ISP Supplies blog to Wordpress (http://blog.ispsupplies.com). I liked Blogger but it was time to do something different and Wordpress is a great platform. 

The best part of the move is that it separated my training blog (MikroTik Roadshow)  from my product distribution blog (ISP Supplies) and so now, I can make my MikroTik RoadShow blog a bit more personal. By personal, I don't mean I will turn this into a rant space, but maybe a bit less formal is a better phrase. 

PS: Just so this post has value to you today, did you know that in RouterOS version 6, there are no more "global-in",  "global-out" and "global-total" HTB's for queue trees?  True.  They have been replaced with one virtual HTB, "global".   With the popularity of simple queues, MikroTik has put a lot of emphasis on simple queues in version 6 making them 100 times faster.   Think of simple queues as an interface to the queue tree, a form you fill out that creates the queue tree structure in the background. That is the direction they are taking simple queues and they will continue to evolve and become more powerful.

Next week I will post some more info on queue trees in version 6.  Until then, the RoadShow will be back in College Station, Texas until June 20, then back to Estes Park, Colorado the week of June 24th.  From Estes we travel to Denver in July for three days of training classes then on to North Carolina in August.  

Monday, May 27, 2013

15 megs down

Apparently Verizon recently upgraded the only tower site here in Estes to 4G LTE.  Instead of the usual 1-2 megs on 3G, today I noticed things seemed a bit snappier. A speedtest showed nearly 15 megs down.  A welcome improvement!

The Roadshow Rolls, Summer 2013

May 24th, the Roadshow hits the road for the 2013 summer.  First stop is Estes Park, Colorado.  We will be there for most of June until we move to Denver, Colorado for the July combined training class.  Get more info HERE.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Roadshow rollls to Columbus, Ohio

I began the first day of MikroTik MTCNA class today at the Downtown Technology Center in Columbus, Ohio.  Class size is great and everyone is eager to learn. So far we have covered basic subnetting and the lab setup and are now enjoying pizza courtesy of Brescoe Broadband, the class sponsor.  The Downtown Technology Center is nice, well laid out and their training room is perfect.    Columbus is the typical large city with tons of burbs outside the city, and a German Town area I would like to explore.  Time to head back to class.  More later...