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Monday, June 17, 2013

Imitation is the best form of flattery

A few weeks ago, I moved my ISP Supplies blog to Wordpress (http://blog.ispsupplies.com). I liked Blogger but it was time to do something different and Wordpress is a great platform. 

The best part of the move is that it separated my training blog (MikroTik Roadshow)  from my product distribution blog (ISP Supplies) and so now, I can make my MikroTik RoadShow blog a bit more personal. By personal, I don't mean I will turn this into a rant space, but maybe a bit less formal is a better phrase. 

That being said please note, this is precious close to being a rant... 

You have heard that old saying in the title of this post I am sure, but it really hit home for me this week while browsing one of our competitor's web pages. I won't name names here but what I saw was copies of our graphics, copies of links we have posted as resource materials.  In particular, they copied and pasted the exact pages we link to, the Zytrax wireless calculators which they have plagiarized and didn't even give credit to the author.  What I found a bit funny was they copied and pasted the page into their CMS system but forgot to remove one line at the bottom that says somehting like "If you want to see changes or additions to this page, email info-support at zytrax", funny.  Over the years they have also copied our vendor announcements, our custom boxes and enclosures we designed and continue to build, made a push at offering training services like we offer, again, after the fact, and the list goes on and on. It is almost like looking at www.ISPSupplies.com with a different logo.  Weird.

So, am I annoyed that other vendors are using our work? Am I offended that we invested our staff's time and talents to produce original work product and someone else "photoshopped" it into their own?  That they took our Texas, USA built wireless enclosures, reverse engineered them and outsourced to who knows what county to produce a cheap knockoff?  Not really, because as it states in the title of this post "Imitation is the best form of flattery." and I am flattered that they think enough of our originality to copy it. 

This is a competitive market, I won't lie to you and everyone is fighting for the same dollar so I would expect that if we were even mildly successful, it would generate copy cats trying to capture the same success.  At the end of the day, customer's appreciate three things: value, originality and integrity.  It is my goal that we always retain those three things, whatever we endeavor to do and the market will decide the winner.  

PS: Just so this post has value to you today, did you know that in RouterOS version 6, there are no more "global-in",  "global-out" and "global-total" HTB's for queue trees?  True.  They have been replaced with one virtual HTB, "global".   With the popularity of simple queues, MikroTik has put a lot of emphasis on simple queues in version 6 making them 100 times faster.   Think of simple queues as an interface to the queue tree, a form you fill out that creates the queue tree structure in the background. That is the direction they are taking simple queues and they will continue to evolve and become more powerful.

Next week I will post some more info on queue trees in version 6.  Until then, the RoadShow will be back in College Station, Texas until June 20, then back to Estes Park, Colorado the week of June 24th.  From Estes we travel to Denver in July for three days of training classes then on to North Carolina in August.  

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  1. Who was it?? Tell me and ill swear them off for life!